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Nick & Sue’s Top 10

  1. Primavera Spanish Olives
  2. Baked Ricotta
  3. Grilled Tofu with Sweet Chilli
  4. Rare roast beef
  5. King Island Brie
  6. Figs Frangelique
  7. Dodoni Fetta
  8. Thai Chilli Crab Dip
  9. Duck Pistacchio Date Terrine
  10. Smoked Salmon Patties

The names Nick & Sue have become synonymous with the word “delicatessen” – the German word for delicacies. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at their bustling deli in Camberwell, idolized by customers and commentators alike.

Browse through some of their gourmet fineries online – from fresh antipasto to rare imported cheese – then pay them a visit at the Camberwell Fresh Food Market. Come with an empty basket, an appetite, or an occasion, and they’ll supply the rest.


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